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Setting Puppy's Ears


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Step 1 :

To set the ears using the "Herdabout Shelties" method, you will need

a.   One tube of non-toxic fabric glue such as Speed Sew (available at WalMart)

b.  A roll of sticky back adhesive bandage such as "Elastoplast" (available at a pharmacy)

c.  A pair of scissors for cutting the bandage.




Step 2 :

Unroll some bandage fabric and then fold back onto itself (so that the two sticky sides are stuck together) which will form one piece of the braces (that are approximately 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long).





Step 3 :

Cut the brace from the bandage roll.





Step 4 :

Repeat the procedure (Step 2 & 3) to make the second brace piece.





Step 5 :  Find a dog  !

The puppy with prick ears that need setting. 


Herdabout The Little Streaker ( Windex )

6 months old.





Step 6 :

Put a drop of the glue onto one of the bandage braces ... about the size of a pea.




Step 7 :

Place the brace with the drop of glue directly onto the "lobe" of the ear.  The flattened spot where the ear joins the dog's head.





Step 8 :

Hold the brace tightly against the lobe of the ear for at least 60 seconds on the clock.  Not so tight that it bothers the dog, but enough so that the glue can bond to the fur on the lobe and the brace be glued as close to the skin as possible.




Step 9 :

Once the brace is firmly glued to the lobe, place a drop of glue (again, the size of a pea) on the inside tip of the ear ... onto the fur.




Step 10 :

Fold the ear over so that the glued tip now meets the part of the brace that is glued to the lobe.




Step 11 :

Repeat for the opposite ear.  Make sure that each time glue is applied to the dog's ear, that you hold the ear (or brace) in place for at least 60 seconds so that the glue can dry and bond to the ear.




Step 12 :

With both braces glued in place, and the ear tips glued to the braces, allow at least 3 minutes for the glue holding the braces and the ear tips to set before moving to the next step (gluing the braces together).




Step 13 :

Bring the braces up together on the top of the head to make sure they are the right length before adding any more glue.  You don't want the braces too long, enough so that they overlap, but not too long so that the ends would rub against the opposite ear.




Step 14 :

Trim off any excess length before adding glue to the two braces.




Step 15 :

Place a drop of glue (the size of a pea) on the back of one of the braces ... the one that will overlap the other brace at the front.




Step 16 :

Bring the two braces together so that they will be glued together and pulling the ears up into a nice tight ear set on the top of the head.  Hold the braces together for at least 60 seconds for the glue to set and bond the two braces together.




Step 17 :

When the braces are firmly glued to each other we need to reduce the constant pressure on where they going that would pull the braces apart.  Using one of your fingers, brush the fur that sits against and directly in front of the brace away and towards the dog's nose.  This photo show the parting of the hair with the pink skin showing.




Step 18 :

Place a drop of glue (the size of a pea) onto the front of the brace.




Step 19 :

Now, using your fingers, brush the formerly parted fur on the top of the head, so that it is now pushed up into the glue, and hold the fur against the brace until the glue sets and hold the brace firmly on the top of the dog's head.  Again, at least 60 seconds for the glue to firm up.  This will help hold the brace center on the top of the dog's head, as well as reduce the pressure on the brace that would otherwise prematurely pull it apart.





Step 20 :

The end result should look like this:  a beautiful set of braced and tipped over ears.  This should hold for about 4 weeks, depending on the dog's exposure to rain, etc.



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