Ch Herdabout Hamming It Up, CGN RN


Birthdate : December 7, 2007


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Hammy has that sweet and endearing Sheltie expression


Hami was given his name as a five week old puppy due to the evidence of a sense of humour. This little puppy was full of antics that just made us laugh, and he was so cute and fuzzy (like a teddy bear hamster).


This beautiful young boy was so smart as a teenager, he quickly received his Rally Novice title at just 6 months of age and got some really good scores. He loves people and will work for anyone, but he is not bossy and overwhelming. Hami is truly a gentle soul.

Hami finished his Canadian Championship at 21 months of age and while out of coat (notice how naked he appears in his show photos)...which just proves to us that his structure and movement are so nice that he didn't need to cover it up and be in full bloom for the judges to notice him. Hami also received two Best of Opposite wins, and one Best Of Breed win in the conformation ring as a Jr. Puppy. 

Currently in training for agility, Hami loves to make us laugh as he would rather run along the top of a tunnel than through it ... now that takes a great deal of balance!

When strangers visit our house, it is usually Hami who jumps up on the couch to greet them by jamming his head under their arm and snuggling up for a good cuddle session. Hami thinks he is a golden retriever in the greeting department, he loves people and is completely bold and outgoing. 

Hami is a sable merle with two brown eyes, which is allowed in the conformation show ring. Had Hami been born with two blue eyes, he would not have been able to have earned his Canadian Conformation Championship. We find this ruling to be absurd because the eye colour of a dog has no bearing on the health, structure or temperament of a dog. We are so proud of our boy Hami that we had this video made to help promote the sable merle coat colour and Hami

... because Hami is a " Sheltie in True Colours " :  youtube video link

 As a Stud Dog:

Hami has proven himself as a stud dog at such a young age, just turning 4 years of age in December 2011,  Hami has produced two Canadian Conformation Champions (both winning their championships before 18 months of age):

Ch Herdabout High Speed Chase (aka Ticket)

Ch Herdabout Tri N 4 Independence (aka Indie)

As well Hami has sired several outstanding performance dogs.

Hami is available at stud to approved bitches -- please see Our Boys Page for details on breeding to our males.

He is a sable merle and when bred to a tri colour female has a good track record of a well mixed "rainbow coloured litter", producing 5 to 9 puppies in a litter with 50% blue merle puppies, 25% tri colour puppies, 15% sable puppies, and 10% sable merle puppies (usually with brown eyes).  

Hami at just one week old. 



Hami's eight week old head shot.


Taking over the food bowl from his siblings.


Two photos above taken at 12 weeks old.

Two photos below taken at six months old.



Hami loves the snow. Winter in Ontario is COOL!

Ungroomed, untrimmed, just hanging out with us at home

...a super happy dog, always smiling and ready for fun.

Hami finishes his championship at 18 months of age in the middle of blowing his puppy coat.

Jeff and Hami at Sudbury and District Kennel Club Show

New Champion 2009



Hami's Health Stats

OFA Hips

OFA Good

PennHip Hips

60th Percentile

PennHip DI Index

Left 0.38  Right 0.47


OFA Normal


OFA Normal


CERF Normal


OFA Normal

Thyroid TgAA


MDR1 Gene

Washington State University Normal / Normal


VetGen DNA Clear


Bi Factored


14 & 1/4 inches


19 Pounds

** Breeding & Stud Fees

Private Treaty: inquire for details.

** Hami is available at stud to approved bitches -- please see Our Boys Page for details on breeding to our males.


Pedigree for

Herdabout Hamming It Up, CGN RN

Sire :

Am Can Ch Snowdancer's Piper Is Mine

Am Can Ch Barwoods Brushfire, ROMC

Am Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition, ROM ROMC

Am Can Ch Glademist Dueling Banjos, ROM

Jade Mist Social Climber

Barwoods Because of You, ROM

Am Ch Daval Resolute, ROM

Am Ch Barwoods Just Because

Can Ch Lynphil's Gold At Snowdancer

Can Ch Willowcove's Its Just A Rumor, ROMC

Am Can Ch Twilight Tempo

Willow Cove's Replica

Am Can Ch Lynphil's Classy Lil Chassis, ROMC

Am Ch Ransom Hill's So Far So Good

Can Ch Lynphil's Touch Of An Angel

Dam :



Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith, ROMC

Am Ch Krentel Attention To Detail

Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco, ROM

Ch Krentel Ashes To Ashes

Krentel Black Orchid

Ch Seacliff Sahara

Ch Krentel Black Dahlia

Aberdale's Tailor Maid

BPIG Can Ch Aberdale's Rhinestone Cowboy

Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith, ROMC

Aberdale's Precious Gem, CD

Multi BPIG Ch Aberdale A Stitch In Time

Can Ch Laureate Landslide, ROMC

Aberdale's Carrousel



Please also look at my mom's page ( Trim ) and my sister's page ( Chelsea).



Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada


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