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indicates what the dog should be


indicates what the dog appears to be


indicates what the dog actually IS  

Herdabout Shelties' philospphy was written by and is the copyrighted property of Jeff & Kellie Whiteside, and is not to be used without express written permission



Our GCh. Herdabout U Can Fly U Can Fly

September 2013: TinkR-Bell earns her Grand Champion title


Our goal at Herdabout Shelties is to breed Shetland Sheepdogs who are structurally sound, well balanced, and can perform in all venues, (Agility, Obedience, Herding, Tracking, Conformation) but who also can be just a sweet and loving family companion, or therapy dog. 

At Herdabout Shelties we do complete health testing on all our breeding dogs (each dog has a list of all the completed health testing and their scores on their individual page), it includes:

Eyes tested for OFA (Orthodepic Foundation for Animals) by a Board Certified Canine Opthomologist
Hips and Elbows Certified with OFA (sometimes PennHip scores as well)
Patellas Certified with OFA
Legges Calves Perthes Certified with OFA
Thyroid Certified with OFA including TgAA results
MRD1 DNA testing with WSU (washington state university)
VwD DNA testing with VetGen in Michigan
and OFA Full Dentition (when applicable)

Herdabout Shelties does not link our breeding program with any other breeders.  We no longer co-own, co-breed, recommend, or sell dogs/puppies for any other breeders.  We are Responsible Breeders who are dedicated to improving the health and temperament of the breed and we insist on testing for all genetic disorders common in the breed in order to only breed from the best dogs available.  Herdabout Shelties will not be linked to breeders who do not share the same passion for complete health tested dogs, or who do not complete all health testing in their breeding dogs.

We firmly believe that the breeders of today are responsible for what the breed will be like 50 years from now, what they will look like, and what their health will be like.  

At Herdabout Shelties we actively compete with our own dogs in all venues. While we may not be spending money on hiring professional handlers, or be actively campaigning one of our dogs to be the top conformation or the top performance dog of the current year, the public can rest assured that we are putting our money and efforts into producing the healthiest Shelties we can. We stand 100% behind our written health guarantees.

At Herdabout Shelties we believe that health, structure and temperament are the most valued components in a breeding program. Therefore we will not eliminate a perfectly excellent quality Sheltie from our breeding program simply because the dog may be considered by some to be "mismarked" in colour. We are founders of a promotional group called SIT = "Shelties In True Colours" firmly believing that these colours should be allowed in the conformation show ring because they are in the genes. This video shows some of the award winning Herdabout Shelties that are Shelties in True Colours : youtube video link.

Herdabout Shelties are regularly competing in Conformation, Agility, Rally-O and Obedience Trials. Please look around our website and see what our dogs have accomplished with us, and with others who own a Shetland Sheepdog from Herdabout Shelties Reg'd.


We are very pleased to announce thatScandal (Herdabout Through The Grapevine CGN RN AGMXJ AGI)  placed in theTop Dogs In Canada for agility in 2011 :

a) Top 10 Dogs in Canada (all breed) Scandal finished in 6th place.

b) Top 5 Dogs in Canada by jump height in Jumpers With WeavesScandal finished in 4th place (beating out last year's top agility dog in Canada 2010, who took 5th place in this category for 2011).


c) Top 5 Dogs in Canada from the Breed (Shetland sheepdogs), Scandal finished in 4th place.

Up until the end of 2011 (when these accomplishments were completed)Rebecca and Scandal had trained exclusively with us here at Herdabout K-9 Academy, and the teaching of the running contact on the A frame really brought upScandal's Yards Per Second over her standings for 2010.


Rebecca and Scandal did an awesome job in 2011. We quite expect this young team will do even better with their placements in the top dogs in Canada standings for 2012 and beyond. Here is a you tube video ofRebecca and Scandal training atHedabout K-9 Academy:  Link to video

Sophie (Herdabout The Speed Of White) received her ATChC at just 2 years of age. Sophie's first Q was June 25th 2011. Her First Title was August 29th, 2011. AND ... her ATChC was acheived on September 9th 2012. So it only took around 14 months to go from ADC to ATChC and that was mostly trialing just locally at trials hosted by Morning Star. 

Sophie has been really steady and she is getting faster and faster all the time. Dawn Chisholm has done an outstanding job training and handling this very young and super smart Herdabout Sheltie

A big CONGRATULATIONS to a job well done!

Click on photo to read more about Sophie

Herdabout Tri The Cruz Control (aka Cruz) earned his ATChC this past weekend (September 8 & 9, 2012) with the awesome handling of his owner Karen Jackson-Izzard

Karen and Cruzalso took first place in the 2012 Canada East AAC Regionals. We are so proud of this amazing team and their well earned accomplishments. 

Way to go Karen & Cruz!!!


Click on photo to read more about Cruz

Herdabout Born Bi Solar Winds is a budding herding star. This Tuvok X Tazer puppy has inherited some great herding instinct through his strong working pedigree. We are very excited for his owner Terri Austin-Beech in Alberta and all the performance sports that this puppy will be trained for ...along with the ability to earn his Canadian conformation championship.

Please watch this youtube video of CURRANT

Like the sound of your dog competing in Agility, Rally-O, Obedience, or Conformation ?

 Maybe you are looking for a common sense approach to Obedience Training for your family dog. Please take a look at our other passion – Herdabout K-9 Academy.

News & Announcements :  

Please read through our Puppies' pages for more information and to find out about how we manage our Waiting Lists and Adoptions. Then review our planned litters for the summer of 2014.

Happy to announce new Agility Titles won by Herdabout Blue Bi U Wearin Lace ADC SGDC. Check out our Performance page for Lacey with photos of her ribbon wins.

New pups welcomed to the Herdabout Shelties family. Find them on our Hopefuls page.



Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada


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