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Birth date :   December 4, 2007


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Standing Pretty



Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith ROM ROMC  X  Vinita Voir Dire
Mazda is a super fun dog.  She is extremely intelligent and catches on to any training we do with her in a snap.  She can jump so high that she can actually peek over the top of our six foot fencing.  Both Mazda and her littermate sister Kenya have been blessed with exceptional herding instincts and we have plans to do herding with both of them.
Mazda has beautiful structure and movement with exceptional rear angulation that is rare to find in many sheltie pedigrees today.   She is a real cuddler and loves to give kisses.  She would rather snuggle up on the couch with one of us petting her than play tug of war with the other dogs.

Mazda went to her forever home in November of 2013. 






Mazda at just 10 weeks old







Mazda's Health Stats

OFA Hips

OFA Excellent

PennHip Hips

80th Percentile

PennHip DI Index

Left 0.39   Right 0.39


OFA Normal


OFA Normal


CERF Normal


OFA Normal

Thyroid TgAA


MDR1 Gene

Washington State University

DNA Normal/Normal


VetGen DNA Clear


White Factored


  15 & 7/8 inches


22 Pounds








Pedigree for

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Sire :

Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith ROMC

Am. Ch Krentel Attention To Detail

Am Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM    

Am. Ch Banchory Peerless ROM

Tall Timber Sierra Tango

Am Ch Krentel Ashes To Ashes     

Am. Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Krentel Black Orchid

Am. Ch Seacliff Sahara

Am. Ch Macdega Out Of Africa

Am. Ch Macdega Norma Khamali

Am Ch Krentel Black Dahlia 

Am. Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Dam :

Vinita Voir Dire

Dundee Arizona

Ch Autumgold Laureate Alabama

Am Ch Macdega Asterick, ROM

Laureate Sweet Georgia Brown, CD

Am Ch Dundee Adrianna

Am Ch Dundee Nightline

Seabury Dundee Heart O'Dixie

Vinita Hidden Agenda


Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco

Am Can Ch Dundee Amos Moses, ROM ROMC

Dury Voe Sing'n The Blues

Lynnlea Dear Abby

Am Can. Ch Dury Voe Zydeco

Lynnlea's Rhyme Or Reason



Extra information since Hami & Mazda have a planned Spring 2011 breeding

This is Herdabout Vanilla Sky (aka "Sky") she is a Colour headed white sheltie (a Hami X Mazda puppy from 2010).  Colour headed whites are perfectly healthy and normal in every way, just the colour is a "mismark" for the breed standard.  This colour happens occasionally when breeding two white factored shelties together.  It is not to be confused with a double dilute (or double merle) that occurs when breeding to merled shelties together.  The colour headed white coat is an acceptable colour in the Rough and Smooth Collies, but is considered a mismark in a Sheltie.  We still think it is a beautiful colour and should be allowed in the conformation show ring, because it is in the genes.

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Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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