Ch Hoodwink Herdabout Whoop-T-Do,



Birth date :   June 20, 2005


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Our Happy Girl.  Always a smile on her face !

Whoopi is now a conformation champion



Intensity, Focus, Drive, & Speed is the best way to describe Whoopi's personality.  At just 13 & 3/4 inches of size Whoop-T-Do is our little ball of energy, a real firecracker, thus the name "Whoop-T-Do".


While she is on the smaller side of what is the proper size for a sheltie, Whoopi has all the structure and movement to become a conformation champion, earning herself multiple Best Of Breed awards and some Group placements. Whoopi inherited her sire's (Tuvok) fearless talent and speed for agility and has multiple legs towards some agility titles. 

Whoopi will be back out competing in 2010 to finish up those titles. 


Watch for this little firecracker in the rings near you.


Genetic Information:

It should be noted that because Whoopi is a VwD Carrier, all puppies produced by her here at Herdabout will be tested (at our expense, no additional charge to the purchaser) before leaving for their new homes with the VetGen DNA VwD Type 3 test, and the corresponding certificates will be sent along with the puppy to it's new owner.  All puppies produced by Whoopi will either be VwD Clear, or VwD Carrier, either results will not have any effect on the overall, or lifelong, health of the puppy. 


At NO TIME will there ever be any VwD Affected puppies produced by Whoopi because we will NEVER breed a VwD Carrier to anything but a VwD Clear.  VwD is NOT recessive and cannot skip a generation.


Whoopi wins a group 4th

Whoopi wins a Group 2nd







Whoopi's Health Stats


OFA Good


CERF Normal



Thyroid TgAA


MDR1 Gene

Washington State University Mutant / Normal


VetGen DNA Carrier




Non White, bi factored


13 3/4" at the withers








Pedigree for

Ch Hoodwink Herdabout Whoop-T-Do, RN CGN

Sire :

Ch Blueprint's Lieut Comm Tuvok, CGN PCD RN AGNJ AGNJS

Ch Hoodwink Nearly Neon, HIC

Am Ch Dury Voe Ultrasonic

Am Can Ch Dundee Famous Amos

Dury Voe Taplrac Crystalline

BPIG Hoodwink Tempest

Ch Candega's Just Bi Chance

Terobshe Recollection

Ch Prarieview Coloured By Night

BIS Ch Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Am Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco, ROM

Calabar Opening Night

Ch Prarieview In Living Color

Tall Timber High Tor

Arhope Nationview Bombshell, ROMC

Dam :

Ch Blueprint Francesca


Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco, A/C ROM

Am Can Ch Dundee Famous Amos, ROM ROMC

Am Ch Dundee Famous Amos

Am Ch Fiego Star of Africa

Dury Voe Sing'n The Blues

Am Ch Dury Voe Ultrasonic

Kon Tiki Desert Fox

Hoodwink Afterglow, HCT

BIS Ch Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco, ROM

Calabar Opening Night

Ch Hoodwink Dury Voe Razzmatazz

Ch Calabar Night Heat

Dury Voe Pastelle





( 705 )  429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada


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