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Jovi with 2011 Ribbons





For those who think they need to have a backyard full of regulation agility equipment to practice on, Jovi is living proof that you do not.  Jovi's owner Crystal lives in an apartment with no yard, and does not own any agility equipment.  While Crystal and Jovi do attend agility classes on a regular basis, her accomplishments in agility have been phenomenal with their limited access to equipment. 

At just 2.5 years of age -- remember that dogs cannot compete in agility until 1.5 years of age -- Jovi has made the Top Dogs list for agility in both PSDC and AAC for both 2010 and 2011. 

Jovi attended her first ever 2011 AAC Ontario Regionals and took 9th Place Overall

Jovi's Regional Individual Event Ribbons

4th - Gamblers
6th - Gamblers
6th - Jumpers
7th - Jumpers

Then Jovi and Crystal were off to the 2011 AAC National Championships and took 15th Place Overall - not bad for a baby dog !

Jovi's National Individual Event Ribbons

1ST PLACE - Gamblers - WHOOHOO - best run ever

6th - Gamblers





Crystal & Jovi





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