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AAC Ontario REGIONALS 2012 - 4th Place


Started trialing in agility June 2011 and as of September 09, 2012 she only needs 3 more Q's to earn her Bronze Expert Jumpers !


Over 60 Q's and still counting!



Sophie at 2011 Regionals




Sophie  is owned, loved and trained by  Dawn Chisholm.   Dawn and Sophie also share their lives with Xena.




Sophie started in 2011 and had the following success with Regionals Ribbons in :


Gambles 8th, Standard 5th, Jumpers 8th


Regionals was Sophie's first AAC Trial.



On Sunday June 10, 2012 Sophie earned her AAC title of MADC !  Sophie's first AAC Q was earned on June 25, 2011. 

So with very limited competition this young super star has made some fantastic accomplishments with plenty more to come.




June 10th, 2012 Sophie earned her AAC title of MADC

As you can see from these photos, Sophie and her Owner / Handler are Very Happy !




September 2012 ....



Sophie  ( Herdabout The Speed Of White )  received her ATChC at just 2 years of age.  Sophie's first Q was June 25th 2011.  Her First Title was August 29th, 2011.  AND ... her ATChC was acheived on September 9th 2012.  So it only took around 14 months to go from ADC to ATChC and that was mostly trialing just locally at trials hosted by Morning Star. 


Sophie has been really steady and she is getting faster and faster all the time.  Dawn Chisholm has done an outstanding job training and handling this very young and super smart Herdabout Sheltie


A big CONGRATULATIONS to a job well done !




More Photos from 2012 ....

Sophie - 4th Place Overall & Qualified for Nationals

Jumpers - 4th, 3rd

Standard - 2nd, 5th

Gambles - 6th, 6th







705 - 429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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