Jeff and Tuvok demonstrate that Agility involves running.

Agility Classes

Agility is a sport that is open to anyone regardless of age and any dog regardless of pedigree. A normal level of physical fitness is mandatory for participants as some running is required. 

We provide all levels of agility training, from puppy and foundation classes right through to Excellent/Master level competition classes. Agility is not just a dog running around wildly and going over equipment. 90% of agility is the handler directing the dog around the course, and only 10% of agility is the dog actually performing the obstacles.

All classes and lessons are Trainer / Facilitator Courses, meaning:


Agility Training/Trialing Philosophy:

The most important rule of agility is to have fun with your dog. While there is an element of competition at agility trials, it needs to be viewed more as an individual challenge that consists of the handler and the dog working together as a team against the challenges of the course, and NOT against other competitors. Each handler and dog team works towards both title and placement rewards apart from other competitors. We at Herdabout K-9 Academy never advocate that the goal of winning be allowed to override the fun of doing agility with your best friend because:

"The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else". Mary Jane Hunt

This does not mean that we have a lesser quality training program. Many of our students compete and are successful at the highest levels of competition -- some becoming the top agility stars of their breed in Canada! We just do not believe that dogs are to be treated like race horses -- who are trained hard and then put out to pasture once they are no longer at the top of their game. 

Our dogs must be treated as our best friends first and foremost -- no matter what they can or cannot accomplish.

 See what agility "IS ALL ABOUT" at Herdabout K-9 Academy:

please watch this video we put together and posted on youtube


Please be sure to read and fully agree to all the Safety Rules in order to enroll in any Herdabout K-9 Academy class.

All classes must be paid for in advance. Cash is the only method of payment accepted.

Dogs must be on flat buckle or martingale collars for these classes. No head halters, body harnesses, choke chains or prong collars will be permitted in class for safety reasons.


Please check the Safety Rules page for more Do's & Don'ts. 

Beginning Agility

At Herdabout K9 Academy we want our students to be comfortable and confident in the training they receive. Therefore we offer three group classes at the beginner level designed specifically for where people and dogs are going to excel the best. Whether you are under 12 years old, over 50 years of age, have a young dog, old dog or are just somewhere in the middle, we have a group class or private lesson to suit everyone interested in agility.

The Pawzabilities Program

Agility foundation for puppies 4 months and older.

These classes are offered all year round, both indoor and outdoor.

The Arf & Running Program

6 Weeks $159.30 plus HST

** New set of classes See Schedule and fee

This class is for dogs 7 months and older.

This class is for those interested in pursuing agility as a hobby, and for graduates of the Introduction Class who have discovered that agility is for them after all. Introduction to Agility is NOT a pre-requisite for this class.

This class teaches the ground work for handling skills to both the owner and their dog. We use body awareness and co-ordination exercises for the dogs, directional foundation work that is similar to that taught in the Puppy Agility classes but is geared to adolescent or mature dogs who have a greater attention span than a puppy does.

Equipment is at its lowest level for safety reasons as foundation training is about mastering skills and concepts in training. This class is available year round -- indoors and outdoors.

Please view this youtube video 



The Fur-Ever Young Program for Retired or Semi-Retired People

6 Weeks $159.30 plus HST

** New Program.See Schedule and fee

This class is for dogs 7 months and older.

Have some extra time on your hands and interested in agility but don't want to be in a class with super competitive people? These fun daytime classes are designed for low impact agility on dogs and handlers.

The Fur-Ever Young program offers four levels of classes, from Level One: beginning the foundations for handling skills and gets the dog started on equipment, to Level Four: preparing for your first senior handling competition.

Herdabout K9 Academy hosts two trials a year for fun competitions as an opportunity to use the skills accomplished with handler/dog teams.

These classes are offered all year round, both indoor and outdoor.

Advanced Agility Training



The Over Rover Program

6 Weeks $159.30 plus HST

** New set of classes, See Schedule and fee

For GRADUATES of " The Arf & Running Program "


You will learn more of the handling skills that are needed to direct your dog through sequences of obstacles. Equipment is at a low or medium level to develop the dog's skills while still maintaining safety.

Special focus will be given to developing good jumping skills with bend work. Teaching your dog to lift, tuck, turn and land properly in order to be set up properly for the next obstacle.

This class is offered all year with both indoor and outdoor classes.

Please view this youtube video 



The FurPetual Motion Program and The Fur In A Blur Program

For GRADUATES of " The Over Rover Program "


We offer two different and progressive 8 week courses to help you and your dog take training for agility to trial ready.

These classes focus on how to put obstacles together when working on a course, what approach works best for your dog, and how to set your dog up for success when running agility courses. Grid work, Lead-Out Pivots, Front and Rear Crosses, Working at a distance, and directionals will be used in each class to develop good timing of commands and how the handler's body language signals the dog to turn, move away or get closer. These classes are offered all year with both indoor and outdoor classes.

To see what kind of things will be taught in these classes, and the results you can acheive check out our youtube video demonstration:

Speed Bumps

For GRADUATES of  "The Over Rover Program"


This class works specifically on jumping. Having had horses and competed in horse shows ourselves, we have long realized the similarity between a jumping horse and a jumping dog -- both in success and failure.

Just like horses, dogs need to learn how to jump properly in order for them to both shorten and elongate their stride as they approach a jump, how to turn while in midair, and how to be on the proper lead in order to clear jumps in a pinwheel sequence successfully.

This class is offered year round -- both indoor and outdoor classes.


Get Outta Dodge 

For GRADUATES of The Fur In A Blur Program

At Herdabout K-9 Academy we train our dogs to work away from us and be able to discriminate between two obstacles close together by using a combination of verbal directional commands and body language signals. Not many people are able to outrun their dogs, and constantly stay ahead of them, in order to direct them around an agility course using only front crosses. We have seen lots of frantic handlers desperately trying to keep ahead of their dogs on an agility course when it is really just physically impossible.

Therefore in this class we focus on working/steering the dog from behind. Sending the dog away from us to work using rear crosses and directional skills. While it is a lot more work to train the dog to reliably work away from us, the end results are worth it because these skills will help our students be able to compete in agility for a lifetime. We all age and our mobility deteriorates with age. The ability to stand in one spot and direct the dog from a distance is a great asset to even the very young, physically apt students who compete in AAC Gamble.


Trialing Times

** New set of classes, See Schedule and fee

For dogs who have received their Novice / Starter Agility title in either CKC or AAC trials, and need more of a challenge.

This is an on-going class of eight week sessions with each eight week session working on different skills. Designed to help experienced handlers and competitive dogs develop their trialing skills.

Each weekly lesson consists of handler developing sequences and/or a full agility course typical of what is encountered at agility trials. Agility courses used in this class are equal to either Master Level (AAC), Excellent Level (CKC/AKC) or FCI (World Team Competitions).

Handlers can stay in this class indefinitely. This class is offered all year with both indoor and outdoor classes.

Please view this youtube video

Regional / National Level Specialty Training

For those wanting to compete at the highest level of competition, where the difference between first place and tenth place is usually less than one second in timing. We offer this class at different times of the year to help prepare for those upcoming competitions.

Full courses at the National or International Level are set up for training as well as specialty concepts and skills will be taught for those who want to teach their dogs such things as running contacts and distance work.

Please view this youtube video

Private Lessons:

Cost of each program is $283.19 plus HST
6 weeks
(six 50 minute lessons that build on each other) in length (this includes the one on one obedience training listed on the obedience page).

For those who cannot fit into a group class, for whatever reason, or those who just prefer one on one training, we offer private lessons. These private lessons are flexible with day and time, booking around our group classes.

Private lessons are designed specificly to your dog and your skills, working on whatever the dog/handler team needs to concentrate on in order to gain success within their training level. Payment is due in full at the first lesson of the series.

The instructor reserves the right to refuse and excuse anyone from lessons at any time.

Please check the Schedule to find out when our next group of classes start at 

Herdabout K-9 Academy.


Our training facility
is located in Elmvale Ontario

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