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Herdabout Through The Grapevine CGN RN AGMXJ AGI   "Scandal"



We are very pleased to announce that Scandal  ( Herdabout Through The Grapevine CGN RN AGMXJ AGI )  placed in the Top Dogs In Canada for agility in 2011 :

a)  Top 10 Dogs in Canada (all breed)
Scandal finished in 6th place.

b)  Top 5 Dogs in Canada by jump height in Jumpers With Weaves
Scandal finished in 4th place (beating out last year's top agility dog in Canada 2010, who took 5th place in this category for 2011).


c)  Top 5 Dogs in Canada from the Breed (Shetland sheepdogs), Scandal finished in 4th place.

Up until the end of 2011 (when these accomplishments were completed)
Rebecca and Scandal had trained exclusively with us here at Herdabout K-9 Academy, and the teaching of the running contact on the A frame really brought up Scandal's Yards Per Second over her standings for 2010.


Rebecca and Scandal did an awesome job in 2011. We quite expect this young team will do even better with their placements in the top dogs in Canada standings for 2012 and beyond.  

Here is a you tube video of Rebecca and Scandal training at Hedabout K-9 Academy :   Link to video



Herdabout All Bets Are Off   " WAGER "    

Parents :  Ch Aberdale Quicksilver X Aberdale Blak Gold (pointed)

Birth date :   February 28, 2011

This little bi-black boy showed remarkable talent for agility right from five weeks of age, when he moved with his litter into the agility playpen.  His favorite thing was climbing through the tire jump and bouncing on and off the mini agility table. 

Wager's structure and movement will be sure to earn him a Canadian Conformation Championship as soon as he is old enough to compete.  His owner (Rebecca) is a very talented and dedicated handler that will bring Wager to reach his true potential in agility.


See a youtube video of Wager & Rebecca in training :







Happy Smiley girl .... WAGER





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