BPIG  Ch Herdabout The Blacksmith RN AGNJ



Birthdate :   January 7, 2008


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I might just be the happiest dog ever !

Wait till you see me at the next dog show.




We are just "smitten" with our little puppy boy Smitty.  He is just a little bundle of joy, always in a good mood.


"Pretty Smitty", as we have been calling him has the biggest, fluffiest coat we have ever had on an 8 week old puppy.  Smitty quickly gathered himself 7 points as a Jr. Puppy in the conformation ring, and quickly finished his championship in 2009.  Smitty also placed 3rd in Herding Group at the Purina Puppy Classic held in Sudbury, September 2009.  This young man is so self confident it can actually be laughable at times, as he thinks he is as big as a Great Dane!


When Smitty steps out into the yard in the morning you can almost hear him saying:

"Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!  Feast your eyes on me!  I know it's too good to be true, but I am here!  I am here!"Definately NOT a shy bone in his little body!


In the performance ring Smitty is all about "Gittin 'er done" while having a lot of fun.  In obedience and rally, that "sheltie bounce" just comes natural.  Smitty is also in training for agility where his natural talent and enjoyment of training is overwhelmingly evident.  While at home and relaxing in the yard, Smitty's favorite spot to hang out is on the top of the contact trainer and to observe the world from there.....yes, a sheltie that actually loves heights!


Smitty earned his Agility Novice Jumpers title his first weekend out, with 3 first place runs and 3 perfect scores.



As a Stud dog :


Proven as a sire with two litters on the ground in the spring of 2009.  Smitty's first litter produced 6 healthy puppies (4 girls & 2 boys), and Smitty's second litter produced 7 healthy puppies (2 girls & 4 boys). Way to go Smitty!!


Smitty is available at stud to approved bitches -- please see Our Boys Page for details on breeding to our males.




He is not for sale to anyone, so please don't ask.



Jeff Whiteside with Smitty at the Purina Puppy Classic  ( Sudbury 2009 )




Smitty earned his Canadian Conformation Championship in October 2009








Smitty at 10 weeks of age, a very fluffy, wooley puppy.



Trained, handled and shown by his breeders (and owners), Smitty quickly earned his RN (Rally Novice Obedience) title by the ripe old age of 7 months, and loved every minute of it.  Smitty also took a Best Puppy In Group at 8 months of age.




Smitty's Health Stats

OFA Hips

OFA Excellent

PennHip Hips

80th Percentile

PennHip DI Index

Left 0.40   Right 0.40


OFA Normal


OFA Normal


CERF Normal


OFA Normal

Thyroid TgAA


MDR1 Gene

Washington State University Normal / Normal


VetGen DNA Clear


Bi Factored


  13 & 1/4 inches


16 Pounds

** Breeding & Stud Fees

Private Treaty:  inquire for details.


** Smitty is available at stud to approved bitches -- please see Our Boys Page for details on breeding to our males.








Pedigree for

BPIG Ch. Herdabout The Blacksmith RN AGNJ

Sire :

Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith, ROMC

Am Ch Krentel Attention To Detail

Am Ch Tall Timer Far Out Frisco, ROM

Am Ch Banchory Peerles, ROM

Tall Timber Sierra Tango

Am Ch Krentel Ashes To Ashes

Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Krentel Black Orchid

Am Ch Seacliff Sahara

Am Ch Macdega Out Of Africa

Am Ch Macdega Norma Khamali

Am Ch Krentel Black Dahlia

Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Dam :

Ch Hoodwink Herdabout Whoop T Do, CGN RN PCD


Ch Blueprint's Lieut Comm Tuvok, CGN PCD RN AGNJ AGNJS

Ch Hoodwink Nearly Neon, HIC

Am Ch Dury Voe Ultrasonic

BPIG Hoodwink Tempest

Ch Prarieview Coloured By Night

BIS Ch. Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Ch Prarieview In Living Color

Ch Blueprint Francesca

Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco

Am Can Ch Dundee Amos Moses

Dury Voe Sing'n The Blues

Ch Hoodwink Afterglow, HCT

BIS Ch. Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Ch Hoodwink Dury Voe Razzmatazz



Please also visit our web page for Smitty's sisters Ocean and Shebang.






705 - 429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada

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