BPIG Ch Herdabout Calm Blue Ocean RN


Birthdate :   January 7, 2008


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Tuvok's granddaughter is a pleasure to live with.

Some say I looked like a panda as a puppy.



This little Bi-Blue girl is so sweet we should have called her sugar.  A fuzzy little ball of energy with an off switch. 


She is such a happy little girl that when she wags her tail, she wags her whole body.  If we pick her up she just relaxes in our arms, on her back with all four legs just dangling in the air, all the while giving the tiniest little puppy kisses.  But as they say, "calm waters run very deep" and she has inherited her granddad Tuvok's zest for life.







Ocean took her first Best Puppy In Group at just 6 months and 1 day old, and went on to win Best Puppy In Breed the very next day.  Ocean loves to strut her stuff and will be back out to finish her Canadian Championship in 2009.




4th in Group


Ocean gets her Championship !






Ocean's Health Stats

OFA Hips

OFA Good

PennHip Hips

90th Percentile

PennHip DI Index

Left 0.31   Right 0.38


OFA Normal


OFA Normal


CERF Normal


OFA Normal

Thyroid TgAA


MDR1 Gene

Washington State University Normal / Normal


VetGen DNA Carrier


Bi Factored


  13 & 1/2 inches


15 Pounds









Pedigree for

Herdabout Calm Blue Ocean

Sire :

Am Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith, ROMC

Am Ch Krentel Attention To Detail

Am Ch Tall Timer Far Out Frisco, ROM

Am Ch Banchory Peerles, ROM

Tall Timber Sierra Tango

Am Ch Krentel Ashes To Ashes

Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Krentel Black Orchid

Am Ch Seacliff Sahara

Am Ch Macdega Out Of Africa

Am Ch Macdega Norma Khamali

Am Ch Krentel Black Dahlia

Ch Fourwind's After The Fire

Krentel's Silver Rainbow

Dam :

Hoodwink Herdabout Whoop T Do, CGN RN


Ch Blueprint's Lieut Comm Tuvok, CGN PCD RN AGNJ AGNJS

Ch Hoodwink Nearly Neon, HIC

Am Ch Dury Voe Ultrasonic

BPIG Hoodwink Tempest

Ch Prarieview Coloured By Night

BIS Ch. Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Ch Prarieview In Living Color

Ch Blueprint Francesca

Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco

Am Can Ch Dundee Amos Moses

Dury Voe Sing'n The Blues

Ch Hoodwink Afterglow, HCT

BIS Ch. Whitegates Beam Me Up, CGC CDX HIC FdCH

Ch Hoodwink Dury Voe Razzmatazz



Please also visit our web page for Ocean's brother Smitty and sister Shebang.





( 705 )  429 - 0833

Located in the Southern Georgian Bay

Region of Ontario Canada


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